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    Hello and welcome to my blog.

    Since most people, including norwegians, can read english, I will write my posts in english only. Also, I will not disclose any personal information here, but write about issues related to music. This will be my arena to get my music thoughts “out there” and if you agree or disagree with me, I hereby invite you to comment. I will refrain from using explicit “lyrics” in my blog, and I will delete all comments that I regard as offensive.

    The Notorious B.I.G. said it best, “basically…just keep it real”.

    Zander Music; Bookinger

    Kommende oppdrag: 16 Oktober: DJ – Petroleum Bar, Sortland Utførte oppdrag: 28 September: DJ – Petroleum Bar, Sortland 07 September: lys, lyd og DJ – Jubileum og Moteshow, Andenes 07 September: lys, lyd og DJ – Bryllup, Andenes 17 August: DJ – Arctic Race v/ Ørnheia og Rødbrygga, Stokmarknes 22 Juni: Lyd. lys, DJ til… Read the Full Post »

    Zander Music @ Wedding

    NOR: Zander Music ble leid inn for å bidra med lys, lyd og DJ tjenester ved et bryllup i Andøy. Her er en liten filmsnutt om hvordan dette går for seg. Dersom du holder til i Andøy området og tenker å arrangere et selskap er det bare å gi til zandermusic.net og se hva vi… Read the Full Post »

    Video from private party

    NO: Jeg laget en video som viser hvordan Zander Music kan transformere et standard samfunnshus til en fin festarena. Dersom du tenker å arrangere noe i Vesterålsområdet er det bare å ta kontakt med Zander Music (zander.djpromo@gmail.com) for et uforpliktende tilbud. ENG: I shot some video while rigging for a private birthday party, showing how… Read the Full Post »

    Expanded lights inventory

    My small business has expanded its inventory and invested in lights that can be set up and managed with little efford for any party or event. I made a short video in order to show off two of my products, while DJs from Mars provides the audio with a best of 2015 mashup. Thanks to… Read the Full Post »

    Over 6000 plays

    I woke up this mornig to over 6000 plays on my youtube channel! I am really happy that so many people took the time to listen to my mixes. I mix a lot of different styles but I upload mostly chillout and progressive trance/house. Please go to my channel and subscribe and stay in the… Read the Full Post »

    New DJ Mix has been released

    Its monday and the start of a new week. What better time to release a new DJ Mix? Come to think of it, this mix can serve its purpose as a promo mix for clubs; it has the groove! If you are responsible for bookings at a club or an event, Zander music would love… Read the Full Post »

    A new Balearic mix

    I often say that music is about emotions. If you are happy, sad, angry, or just feel ok, music is there for you. Pictures can also express the same emotions; from beauty and harmony to chaos and dispair. For my downtempo mixes I want to combine the two arts of music and photography and I… Read the Full Post »

    Some of my lighting products

    So last night I was testing my brand new ADJ Quad Scan Pro and was having such a good time that I made a video out of it. Into the night I added my ADJ Micro Burst and Beamz LS-3DG Green Lazer. I think it is better to show potential clients how great these lights… Read the Full Post »

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