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  • DJ Services

    Zander Music can provide you with a DJ for several types of events. Below is a selection of the  most typical areas in which our services can be aquired. If you are planing any of the events described below then do not hesitate; contact Zander Music for a noncommitting offer.

    Club DJ Services

    Are you an owner of a bar or night club and looking for a DJ to get the party then Zander Music is what you’re looking for. With a database of several thousand club music tracks we can easily get you guests in a party and money spending mood. If you do not have the equipment to support a professional DJ, Zander Music can provide this. Just contact Zander Music and tell us what you need.

    Events & Concerts

    Are you hosting a concert or an event? Zander Music can spice it up and make it even better! We can provide a DJ with equipment to play get-in music in order to get the crowd in a great mood before the concert begins.  We have experience in this field and the feedback has been great. Also, if you are hosting a social event, Zander Music can provide proper background music in order to make your event even more professional and a greater success.


    A DJ for your wedding has several advantages over the traditional wedding band. With a DJ all the age groups can get some of “their” music! Do your grandparents want to dance to swing or some Elvis tunes? What about some classic 70s rock, or 80s rock with the likes of Bon Jovi? At a wedding our experienced DJ can play everything from oldies to modern club music. Zander Music can also provide lighting and effects, including a powerful lazer, to make the night light up on the dance floor! Just contact Zander Music and tell us what you need and we can make a specialized music package for the greatest day and night of your life.

    Social & Private

    Do you plan to make a graduate party, a social happening for friends & family or treat your employers to a cool night with awesome music? Zander Music can provide DJ, Sound system and lighs/effects for your party!